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Smocked fish

Smocked fish:

We suggest smocked products to your attention. They are mackerel and herring. The fish is worked up by smoke from sawdust with a gradual throwing of nutshell, juniper and rosemary. Such a technology gives a specific taste and flavour to fish.

Smoking helps to keep the product for a long time without preservatives. Owing to smoke fish gains its natural golden colour. We dont use food colouring for smoking in our production. The products are sold by weight or in vacuum packages.

For the beer-lovers we offer beer sets. Smoked fish is cut, carefully laid and put into vacuum.

Under our trade mark: "A fishing place means a good catch" we produce cold-smoked sprat, repacked into proprietary boxes with our trade mark on them 150 gram each.

We offer to your attention:

  • Baltic herring;
  • Blue whiting;
  • Mackerel;
  • Herring;
  • Humpback salmon;
  • Sprat.
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